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The document flow being solved, from its creation to payment, documents transformed into receivables, facilitating the sales process, closing contracts and commercial proposals.

"We reduced the commercial friction between parties involved in the process of closing deals."

We are a complete toolbox, for your documents and the entire document process. The AppOffice platform will have payments, electronic signature, digital signature, mobile certification including blockchain records.

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Edit and create your own docs


Send documents to be signed


Register and create legal evidences


Sell, close deals and receive your payments

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Work without paper, say no to printing costs, time spent exchanging e-mails, time and energy spent on documents coming and going and still help the planet.

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Select recipients

Select multiple people who will receive the documents without any additional shipping costs.

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Prepare your document

Turn your document into a powerful work tool to close deals with digital acceptances and receive payments.

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Send the document

Create ease for your time and gain productivity. Launch the documentation in several ways.

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Track progress

Have all the document path and the real time operation status. Manage your customers, team and your business relationship.


Technology and Inovation

Soon we are making available some cutting-edge technology tools, which will be important for our customers to use on their daily lives in a simple and easy way to be used and integrated.

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AppKey - Proprietary Digital Certificate

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On-Boarding with Facial Recognition

API for integration

Certul's AppOffice system will have a fully adaptable and easy-to-integrate API, enabling the most diverse systems and ERPs to perform all the signature, payment, registration and follow-up operations in an integrated manner.

To learn more, contact our sales team to know about our corporate plans.

We will operate in all markets and companies that need to improve the journey for their customers with payment and document process.

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Plans and Features

We are serving our customers with plans and prices through our sales team.

Personalized documents

The entire platform will be customizable so that the client can send his documents with his logo.

Personalized documents


Common questions

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What is Electronic Signature?

Electronic signature is a simple and secure way to sign a document online, with legal validity, without the need for a digital certificate.

The Digital Signature is equivalent to a signature in its own hand. It is a technology that uses encryption and links the digital certificate to the electronic document that is being signed. Thus, it gives guarantees of integrity and authenticity.

Although the words electronic signature and digital signature look similar, they are not the same. The difference is basically in the way and in the way in which they are carried out.

The electronic signature refers, in general, to any electronic process that indicates the acceptance of a document, whereas the digital signature is a specific type of electronic signature.

In order to validate its authenticity, the digital signature requires a Public Digital Certificate, which is nothing more than the digital identity of an individual or legal entity in electronic media.

Electronic signatures are legally valid, reliable and applicable in almost every country in the world . Electronic signature laws may vary from country to country, but most follow the same basic principles . The CERTUL tool was developed to meet the compliances in almost t ll countries, including Brazil. The respective conformities are:

Electronic signature is the genre referring to all the methods used to sign an electronic document. It is similar to the signature on paper, but in electronic form. In order to have legal value, the electronic signature consists of three essential elements: proof of the integrity of the signed document, identification and authentication of the author of the signature and registration of the signature.

Digital signature is one electronic signature made with the digital certificate , which is the result of a mathematical operation that is uses the technology encryption, which makes it possible to check the origin of the document immutability and thus their integrity. The signature digital is v inculada the electronic document. Q ny change made in the document validation process transforms the signature on invalid, the process and invalidating the document analyzed.

How does CERTUL work?

ORDER within the CERTUL system is an operation in which the user may include one or more documents to be signed, paid for or registered. Basicly an order (order) that can be made with several documents to be signed, paid for or registered.

Max 10 documents or max 50 Mb per Order

In Maximum 10 signers per document

In the case where an order can include a maximum of 10 documents with 10 maximum subscribers in each document, then an order can contain a maximum of 100 signatures.

Yes, all signed or paid documents are stored on the CERTUL platform, as long as the subscription plan is up to date with your payments and within the validity period.

Yes. Through the operating certificate issued with each document, it is possible to identify all the evidence that the document was duly signed on the CERTUL platform, generating the necessary legal evidences.

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